Monday, November 25, 2013

Accomplishments Nov 17 to Nov 23

This week was a terrible week health-wise. L and I both had some sort of stomach bug and I really suffered from my migraines (still am). My work life has been really overwhelming this last week as well as I have been tasked with some new major work, which is impacting my role and I need to reevaluate how to manage my time. It's actually these kinds of weeks, where I just feel like staying in bed, where keeping track of small accomplishments feels rewarding. It feels like I didn't do a lot but when I look back, it's nothing to sneeze at!

Made (other than meals): Pumpkin Cranberry Breakfast Biscuits, Italian Vinaigrette, pound cake, 50/50 bread

On Sunday we at supper at my mother-in-law's. She always gives us the leftovers and we bought home leftover lasagna, brownies, and 3 frozen portions of a lentil dish to bring for our lunches.

We brought out our resident Elf on the Shelf, Sunny, after the Santa Clause parade. So far we haven't forgotten to move him once which is a huge improvement on last year when L decided his elf must be lazy!

I purchased a new wallet. I had glued mine back together which allowed me to get several more months of use out of it but it was time. I re-purposed the old one as a toy for L. We filled it with old cards and play money and played 'customer at the store'.

Our microwave developed rust on the inside on the bottom, which is a fire hazard! We purchased a 'new' one of Kijiji for $25 from someone 2 streets over. It works great and is nicer than our old one.

I've done a fair amount of Christmas shopping so far and as of yet have bought everything at a discount and am so far on budget. I have pledged to spend less than half of what we spent last year (which was way too much!) and to spend nothing on wrapping. I'm going to use up what I have already and re-purpose things I find.

I made a crockpot freezer meal for next week as I'm having surgery. I plan to make another before my surgery on Friday so there's easy food ready to cook.

I dropped a carton of eggs as I was bringing it home, breaking 10 of 12. They needed to be used right away if I wanted to salvage them, so I used one in my 50/50 bread, used 6 to make the pictured pound cake, and my husband used 3 to make an omelet for his lunch. I changed my kitchen plans that day but I'm glad I was able to not waste them

Flops this week: On a evening when I was feeling especially craptastic, my husband ordered takeout pizza, which would be fine, but we're over our eating out budget this month (oh well), also I threw out some grapes we wasted. They were delicious but were seeded and turns out my husband hates grapes with seeds (you'd think I'd know that....) and I didn't make enough of an effort to use them up in creative ways so they went into the bin.

What do you do to stay motivated on the tough weeks?

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