Friday, September 18, 2015

This Week's Meal Plan

So this week I'm still on my diet of cutting out gluten, dairy, and refined sugar to help with my migraines. As an added bonus, when I've done this diet before I also found my energy levels were higher but more noticeably, way more consistent throughout the day. No more 3 pm slump! That being said...I still hate not eating what I want, when I want. You will notice some items that contain said restricted ingredients -- those are for the other members of my family to enjoy.

To save money this week, not only am I shopping sales but also making a special effort to use the same ingredients across multiple recipes to reduce waste. For instance, both the turkey burgers and the tuna pasta use anchovies, half a bunch of green onions will be used in the tofu dish with the other half used in the slaw, limes will be used in the slaw and in the chicken, and parsley will be used in the soup, in the pasta, to poach the chicken, and in the burgers to use up the whole bunch.

Main Meals this coming Week:

- Tofu Triangles with Rice and Carrots (this was on last week, but we had a moment of weakness and ordered in)

- BBQ at a friend's!

- Stuffed Pepper Soup with Homemade Bread (using ground beef that I bought on sale and froze in 1 lb portions. I will likely substitute quinoa for the rice this time as we are already having rice once)

- Green Goddess Turkey Burgers (without buns) and Rainbow Slaw Salad

- Chicken with Rosemary and Lime with Amana-style carrots (both recipes from Quick, Thrifty Cooking)

- Tuna Pasta Toss (with gluten-free spaghetti -- adapted from a recipe in Cheap, Fast,Good)

School Lunch mains next week:
1. Avocado, Grated Carrot, and Cheddar whole wheat tortilla 'sushi' rolls (a big favourite)
2. Curried Chicken Salad with Green Grapes on homemade bread
3. leftover Stuffed Pepper Soup
4. Chicken and Cilantro Dumplings (have a big bag of these from Costco in the freezer)
5. Tuna, Veggie and Cheddar Cups

Some sides and snacks will include: Cucumber slices, pepper slices, leftover slaw, popcorn, date butter, crackers, apples, grapes,  and cinnamon sugar wonton crisps.

Other things this week to make: bread, poach whole chicken, chocolate chip protein bars.

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