Saturday, September 5, 2015

And here we go again!

So I've decided to pick this blog back up again.

I have toyed with the idea many times since calling it quits and now feels like the right time.

Not only because I now have more time on my hands but I also feel like keeping this blog helped to keep me motivated along the path of creating, along with my family, a life of our choosing. We have just had some big changes in our lives, namely moving to a new city, buying our first house and my leaving my job without a new one. I'm excited to figure out what's next. We were so focused on saving for our house knowing that my husband was going to be relocated for work, that now we need to figure out what's next in the plan out of competing priorities. Our goal of saving a decent percentage of our income has not changed however. The peace of mind and freedom that allows for our future is invaluable. How to get their and what exactly our goals and timelines are in very much a work in progress. Unearthing this blog again will, I think, be useful along the journey of sorting all that out.

I'm planning on continuing my weekly progress reports (those are really motivating for me), the odd recipe, diy projects, thoughts and plans.

It feels good to be back!

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