Monday, December 2, 2013

Accomplishments Nov 24 - Dec 1

This week I accomplished less than on a typical week, but considering that not only did I have a very busy week at work, but I also had surgery on Friday, I feel good that I accomplished anything at all.

The day after my surgery while my husband took L to a watch a hockey game. I mostly rested but managed to make the above DIY advent forest. It's not perfect, but L was very excited about it and it's not bad for crafting under the influence of painkillers!

This week I made (in addition to meals): cleaning wipes, a batch of enchilada sauce, Bacon Bean Chowder (using leftover frozen baked beans), and turkey broth (using a carcass and vegetable and herb scraps), and oatmeal packs.

I picked the bits of leftover meat from the turkey bones after I made broth and blended it with some leftover rice and some cooked carrots from making the broth to make 2 dog meals.

I washed out a plastic freezer bag.

We hung 2 loads of laundry rather than using the dryer.

I used clementine peels to make citrus vinegar for cleaning. (Will be ready in 2 weeks)

I finally ordered some prints online that I've been meaning to for ages! I will use these to update our hall display.

I got some reading done. I don't read nearly as much as I would like to -- I just find that I don't have enough time.

I got an amazing deal on white sugar at .26 per pound. That's by far the least expensive I've ever seen it here, so I stocked up.

My husband and I opened a new credit card. He did a balance transfer from his old one (which he'll be cancelling) to take advantage of 6 months of nominal interest. We are aiming to get the balance paid off in that time. As well, this card is no fee and we earn $ towards free groceries with it, so when we do need to use it -- RESPONSIBLY-- that's a benefit. This is one little step in our debt repayment plan.

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